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Hello, and welcome to Kinichie.com

My name is Mark, but I go by the alias Kinichie. I am a British Web Design and Developer, occasional podcaster, lover and creator of music and a gamer. This website isn't much to look at, but hopefully it'll help give you an idea of some of the projects that I work on.

I started Web Design and Development back in 2004, where in my sixth form at school I was tasked with building a website for a Young Enterprise company. Infact, I still have a copy of that first website. Cringeworthy as it is, you can find it in the link right here. Due to the dated nature of the site, some external links on the site no longer exist or work.

Afterwards, I made two websites for my World of Warcraft guild, though sadly I have misplaced the first of those two, the second is still with us. It contains some Web Comics I made in World of Warcraft. There link for it is right here. Once again, this site is preserved as it back in the day and some links on it may no longer work.

Not too long after that, I did a few websites for friends which also included creating a website for an online Radio Station called Music World Radio. Though the original version of the website I did for them no longer exists, you can find the revised 2009 version is still live. It hasn't been very well maintained over the years by myself as the hosts of the Radio Station now edit what they need at will for their purpose but I have been their technical support since 2007. You can find the link to that on the right hand side. Just click the Music World Radio logo and perhaps have a listen to some of their shows.

In 2009 I joined a company called AJK Web Development, during my time there I built hundreds of websites over a 9 month period for companies. While I do not have copies of all of these websites, I have some concepts which were never finished. This website, the Online Defense Network was the peak of my ability in 2009.

In 2010, a few of my friends started a Gaming Podcast called the GameOverCast. As of June 2015 it has ceased to produce new episodes and is effectively finished. However they may return in the future. I built 2 websites for the GameOverCast, the second of which is still live and acts as a digital archieve of the podcast. I even appeared on many episodes, and I created the theme music and some of the extra music for the podcast. The link to it is also on the right hand side. Through these friends I was also able to gain more contacts and build websites for other people. Though many have now dissolved. The podcast also held a Forza 4 championship 3 times for the game on the Xbox 360, I built a website for the competition too, also linked over to the right.

I make music and have a YouTube channel, the link is RIGHT HERE!. But you can find some other music I made Right Here that is not featured on my YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, queries or want me to work with you, please drop me an email at Kinichie(at)Kinichie.com.

Thank you for visiting


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