11th January 2005
Not much happening at the moment. We are on Study Leave. I'll let you know on the progress of anything over the weeks we are on Study Leave. Until then I cannot update you on much except a few Fixes and Apologies on the site.

First off, apologies to James Littlejohns because i spelt his name wrong in the "About Us" section. And a Link to the Forums is now made which have been quite sucessful over the past few days. I also apologise for some of the language but that has been sorted and the offending members warned.


6th January 2005
New Forums. Starlight Services Forums

For all Non Starlight Services Members you will only be able to see the Public Sections which are currently under Construction.

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5th January 2005
Welcome to the Website of the Young Enterprise Company Starlight Services. We will be updating this site each week and therefore be keeping you up-to-date on our company and our operations.

On the left is our Navigation Bar. This is your Faster than Light pass to our website. You can click "About Us" to find out about our company and our members. A link to our stock and a link to the Young Enterprise Websites and soon to other Young Enterprise Company Sites.

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"Faster than the Speed of Light!"
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