Talk to Taliban, Miliband urges

David Miliband has called for a change of emphasis in strategy in Afghanistan, urging the country's government to talk to moderate members of the Taliban.

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Press Releases

31 May 2008

Scandinavian Shelter Systems AS (3S) awarded contract on delivery of 32 hydraulic, fully automatic 3in1 Box in Box Expander.

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15 June 2007

Gothenburg, Sweden At the 9th International CBW Protection Symposium, Bruker Daltonics announced the launch of its unique CBRN View integration software for defence and homeland security forces.

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3S: Scandinavian Shelter Systems






Who are we?

3S has rapidly become a prime manufacturer of turnkey deployable shelter systems to armed forces and peacekeeping missions throughout the world. Our design and development staffs in Norway and Estonia have more than 30 years of experience in the design and development of special containers and shelters for military and industrial applications.

Innovative Shelter Design

3S design and manufacture sticks out as extremely innovative and cost efficient compared to other concepts available. Based upon our experience and customer feedback we have basically three considerations in focus when designing and building new shelter types:

  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Cost Efficiency

We know that the users of our containers and shelters will be facing extreme, diverse conditions in all parts of the world, ranging from sand storms to snow storms as well as Arctic cold to the desert heat.

Additionally, when in those locations we know that spare parts and contractors cannot just fly in to fix problems.

Finally we know that ability to reuse your investment is more and more important. Material acquired should be reusable multiple times and in-service lifetime must be substantial.

Thus, superior engineering based upon above factors as well as low transport volume and reasonable investment and operational costs are all proven key features of 3S containers and shelters.

ISO 20ft Container Expanding Shelters

Our current best selling 3in1 and 2in1 ISO 20ft expanding shelters are in increasing demand world wide due to additional outstanding features as:

  • Low weight
  • Ruggedness
  • Short set up time (less than 15 minutes)
  • 24m to 36m (258 ft to 387ft) usable flat floor space
  • Excellent thermal insulation reducing operating cost for ECU
  • Versatility

The ISO 20ft expanding shelters have been extensively field proven during real time operations and exercises in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and Northern Norway.

Available Options

Optional features include integrated power generators, BC-filtration systems, clean air aggregates (for medical use), vestibules, sun shielding, CARC coating, RFI shielding and splinter protection to mention some.

Special Containers and Shelters

Our range of special container and shelter concepts includes diesel electric reefers (refrigerated containers), ablutions, water storage and distribution, accommodation, field kitchens, power supply, sewage treatment, mobile forensic facilities, explosives transport and storage, Mobile Ballistic Shelter (MBS), Water Purification Shelter (WPS) as well as Multifunctional Medical Shelters (MMS) and complete, turn key Mobile Field Hospitals (MFH).

The 3S combination of manufacturing and engineering capabilities in Norway and Estonia offers innovative products of superb design and quality at extremely competitive prices.

Agents and Representatives

3S is represented in Austria, Benelux, Denmark, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Your choice is our responsibility!

Contact Information


Scandinavian Shelter Systems AS (3S)

Bergemoveien 40
4886 Grimstad

Contact: John-Ivar Christensen

Tel: +47 37 25 65 20
Tel: +47 92 28 10 22
Fax: +47 37 25 65 25



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